- ClearBank chosen by TrustPay for real-time payments

Dear partners and clients,


we are proud to announce and share the news of our new venture and upcoming long-term partnership with ClearBank, the UK’s first new clearing bank in more than 250 years.

ClearBank will be supporting TrustPay in providing access to the UK payment systems to TrustPay’s EU customer base. TrustPay will leverage ClearBank’s offering, which provides seamless access to faster and real-time payments. We chose ClearBank for their real-time fast payments infrastructure, automated business processes and reconciliation, high-cost efficiency and security.


To read the full press release, go to www.clear.bank/news-articles/clearBank-chosen-by-trustPay-for-real-time-payments


For more information about ClearBank, please, visit www.clear.bank

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