- Join TrustPay at the first digital version of the Affiliate Summit Europe

Dear partners and clients,


On 30 June – 2 July 2020 we’re attending the digital version of the Affiliate Summit Europe.

The summit belongs to the world’s premier gathering of influential performance marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. This time the main focus will be the COVID-19 crisis, reactions and adaptations to the new market conditions, and strategies to plan and develop to be prepared for business growth.


Join us at the event to hear and share stories and strategies to be implemented today to help navigate tomorrow.


If you want to discuss with us to help thrive your business during the time of the global crisis, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@trustpay.eu. Our sales team will be pleased to talk and advise you!

- TrustPay introduces new identity verification process for smooth onboarding

TrustPay introduces a new and improved identity verification process for new clients. The system ensures a smooth, quick and easy onboarding with a guarantee of the highest levels of security.

The user verification takes place completely online, with no more than two to three minutes to complete. It requires a smartphone with a camera, as during the process, the user is requested to take a short video of himself/herself and snap a picture of an identity document (ID/Passport).

The whole process of remote digital identity verification takes the user through easy-to-follow guided steps. This speeds up the onboarding by making it more efficient and ensures a seamless user experience. When all is said and done, it saves hours in manual review and unnecessary physical journey to authenticate a new user face-to-face.

The new remote identity verification process significantly reduces onboarding costs, while complying with all necessary cross-border regulations and requirements.

Remote verification tools such as ours are the ideal compromise between security and necessary level of compliance on one side and convenience of the customer on the other. We believe this app will provide our new clients with the desired comfort during the onboarding process,” David Rintel, CEO of TrustPay, commented on the new technological improvement.

- TrustPay announces new partnership with MuchBetter

Dear partners and clients,


We are proud to announce and share the exciting news of our upcoming long-term partnership with MuchBetter.


MuchBetter, the award-winning payments company, has chosen TrustPay for a partnership to develop innovative transfer solutions and smooth the financial processes with Virtual IBANs.


The new collaboration will give MuchBetter the ability to seamlessly combine electronic wallets with conventional banking flows. This will allow customers to create individual, single-purpose IBANs within the MuchBetter e-wallet, enabling outbound and inbound payment flows to designated recipients. 


“We are always looking out for new ways in which we can improve our user experience – this partnership allows us to do just that,” said MuchBetter co-founder Jens Bader. “By combining TrustPay’s innovative banking solutions with our agile e-money services, we are able to move money in a much smarter way, making transfers a lot easier for our customers across Europe.”


“It is really exciting to be working with MuchBetter on the next generation of money transfers. The opportunity presented by e-money is clear for all to see, so we are happy to be part of the next phase of development,” said David Rintel, TrustPay’s CEO.


To read the full press release, go to www.muchbetter.com/all/muchbetter-partners-with-trustpay-to-develop-innovative-transfer-solutions/


For more information about MuchBetter, please, visit www.muchbetter.com

- Accept payments without e-shop using payment link

Don’t have a website or e-shop and take orders via e-mail, social media, or by phone? Then payment link is the most suitable and convenient service for you!


No integration or previous experience with online payments is required.


In the online environment, enter the amount and description of the payment in a prearranged form and generate a link with just one click. Send the link to the customer by e-mail or SMS. After clicking on the link, the customer will complete the payment just like in a regular e-shop. You will receive a confirmation of the payment within seconds so you can ship the order immediately.


Fill in the form at https://www.trustpay.eu/contact, and you can start using payment links the next business day.


In case you have any questions or want to learn more about the service, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail at into@trustpay.eu.

- Meet TrustPay at Internet World Expo 2020

Dear clients and partners,


We are thrilled to be exhibiting at Internet World Expo in Munich on 10 – 11 March 2020 along the other hundreds of exciting exhibitors and exclusive lecturers. Meet us right at our stand G 086 in hall C5 and discover more on how TrustPay can help you grow your business.

In case you want to schedule a meeting with our team, please, let us know at sales@trustpay.eu.


See you in Munich!

- TrustPay will be exhibiting at E-commerce Berlin Expo 2020

Dear clients and partners,


On 13 February 2020, we’ll be exhibiting at E-commerce Berlin Expo, a B2B Expo & Conference for e-commerce service providers, together with over 7 000 participants from all over the world.

You can find us at our booth D8.3, where we’re about to showcase our cutting-edge products and solutions that maximise your business while saving costs.


If you want to meet with us, don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@trustpay.eu to schedule a meeting.


We are looking forward to seeing you all in Berlin!

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