Login / PID

Login/PID is automatically generated by TrustPay System after the set-up of an account. PID is sent to account Authorised Person’s email address.


You set and change the account password by yourself via the main panel in TrustPay Internet banking. TrustPay has no access to this information.

What am I supposed to do if I have forgotten TrustPay Internet Banking login details?

I forgot the password to my TrustPay account. What should I do?

Click on the button „Forgotten password“ and follow the instructions.

How do I change or add another Authorised Person to TrustPay account?

You can change or add another Authorised Person to TrustPay account by request (message) via TrustPay Internet Banking.

Are there any competency limitations for an authorised person?

Authorised Person (account user) can have an active, passive or partial access to an account. Settings are applied by TrustPay according to your request.
☒active = full access (Authorised person can see account activities and has a full right of disposition of the money in the account),
☒passive access (Authorised person can see account activities, but has no right to execute money transfer orders, i.e. send money away from the account).
☒partial access (Authorised person can prepare Transfer Order, but it must by signed by the Authorised person with active access)

Co-signing provides better control and security. It works as follows: one of the active authorised persons prepares and confirms the Transfer Order. However, the outgoing payment is being executed only after this order is confirmed by another active authorised person. The settings are being applied by TrustPay according to your request. For more information contact our customer support.

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