How do I print out the account statement?

For Instant bank transfer service – log into TrustPay Internet Banking, via main panel menu choose „Transactions – Statements“, choose Your account, Frequency, Date, File Format and press „Download statement“.

Note: Statements can not be downloaded for unexpired period (current day, month).

For Card payments service – log into the console Omnipay/=RAM/ – follow the instructions in Omnipay/=RAM/ manual.

What is the format of the exported file? (.csv)

The file has no header. Each transaction is listed on a separate line with the following format:
ValueDate;OtherAccount;Amount;Curreny;BalanceAfterTransaction;Currency;Description;Reference;TransactionID Other account, description and reference (OID) are in quotes. Example:
29. 2. 2012;”1234567890/0000″;100,00;EUR;100,00;EUR;”SS:2107690178 VS:4287548613 KS:0308 OID:1000″;”1000″;37525
29. 2. 2012;”1234567890/0000″;100,00;EUR;200,00;EUR;”SS:2107690178 VS:4366006578 KS:0308 OID:1001″;”1001″;37526
29. 2. 2012;”1234567890/0000″;-100,00;EUR;100,00;EUR;“Vratenie platby 37525″;””;37527
The name of the file is AAAAAAAAAA_D_M_Y.CSV where AAAAAAAAAA is TrustPay Account number, D is day, M is month and Y is year, when the file was generated.

Can I receive automatic statements of my TrustPay account?

Yes. you can. We can provide you with HTML, csv and SEPA standard XML statements, which are automatically sent to your email address. The service can be set up in your TrustPay Internet Banking under “Transactions – Statements”

You can find the manual for XML statement here.

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