Accounting of fees

The fees arising from the agreement and from General Terms & Conditions are automatically being charged from your TrustPay account.

  • Instant Bank Transfer service: incoming payment fees are being charged on the last day of the calendar month from your TrustPay account.
  • Card Payments service: incoming transaction fees are being charged in OmniPay/RAM console at the end of the settlement period (stated in the agreement) and represent the total sum of all incoming card transactions credited to your TrustPay account.
  • Account maintenance fees and outgoing payment fees are being charged on the last day of the calendar month from your TrustPay account.
  • Other fees stated in General Terms & Conditions – are being charged immediately, as soon as an entitlement to charge such fee arises.

What is the minimum account balance I can have on my account?

The minimum balance is stated in document TrustPay minimum balance.

Why I cannot see the card transactions on the Internet Banking statement?

In accordance with the agreement the total sum of incoming transaction (=authorized transactions) via Card Payments service is credited to your TrustPay account with the frequency as stated in the agreement *.

*the settlement period of authorized transactions depends on the conditions stated in the agreement

What is OmniPay/RAM console?

RAM console is available only for clients, who have activated Card Payments service. It is a system for evidence of all your card transations. Here you can see and track the details of each card transaction, print out monthly statements etc.

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