Does money on my account bear interest?


What is the number of my TrustPay account?

It is a ten-digit number in a format of 2107xxxxxx.

What is the bank code of TrustPay?

TrustPay has a bank code: 9952

What is the BIC code of TrustPay?

BIC code of TrustPay is: TPAYSKBX.

Will I receive a payment card to my account?

No, but we can provide you a Prepaid Card. For more information please scroll down to part Prepaid Cards.

How can I check movements on my account?

You can check your account movements in TrustPay Internet Banking via the main panel “Transactions – History”.

I want to open another TrustPay account.

Please, send us a message via TrustPay Internet Banking or contact our customer service.

How do I close my TrustPay account?

If you wish to terminate the agreement, fill in the online request form via “Settings – Termination of agreement with TrustPay” in TrustPay Internet Banking.

If you have more than one open account with TrustPay and you wish to close one of them, send us a message via TrustPay Internet Banking.

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