How shall I know that I have received a payment via TrustPay?

TrustPay will, without delay, notify you of each incoming payment credited to your account. Such notification will be sent directly to your system and/or via email.
Instant bank transfer service – details of each payment are available in TrustPay Internet Banking.
Card payments service – details of each card transaction are available in OmniPay/RAM console.

Can I refund a Payment Transaction received to my TrustPay account?

Yes. Click on the “Refund” Snímkabutton  next to a specific payment in “Transactions – History” TrustPay Internet Banking. This button will appear only next to payments where the account number of the sender is specified.

In the majority of cases you will not be able to execute the refund immediately after receiving the payment. The bank account of the payer is usually reconciled on the next working day.

Currently, the refund function is supported for payments received via Slovak and Czech banks.

Can I do partial refund of a Payment Transaction?

Yes. Click on the “Refund” Snímka button, define the amount that should be refunded and the description of payment. Please note that you cannot refund higher amount than the amount of the original payment.

Can customer pay in different than my account currency?

Yes, this is possible with our Multicurrency service. For example, your customer orders a product for xxx EUR, but his account is denominated in CZK. Via Multicurrency service he will be able to choose to pay in CZK currency.

You can enable this service in your TrustPay Internet Banking “Accounts – Details – Account Settings”.

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