Can I change my password?

You set and change the account password yourself via “Settings” in the upper right corner. TrustPay has no access to such information.

To whom TrustPay provides the information of account activities?

Any information regarding the account activities are being provided to the authorised persons only.

What am I supposed to do, if I lose my login details?

I have received an e-mail from TrustPay asking for my login details, is it ok?

No, TrustPay never asks for such data.

Is TrustPay gateway safe?

TrustPay is regulated by the National Bank of Slovakia and is a member of VISA, MasterCard and UnionPay. Payment operations are processed on secured certified platforms meeting the highest PCI DSS safety standards. Neither the merchant nor TrustPay has access to the sensitive data of customers (e.g. credit card number, CVV code, account details, access data, etc.).

What is a Secret key?

Secret key serves for connecting TrustPay Gateway with the merchant´s website and is visible only to clients, who have integrated TrustPay Gateway. The Secret Key is being displayed to authorised persons via the main panel:„Accounts – Details – Secret key”. In case a Merchant holds more than one account, the Secret Key is unique for each account.

How do I change the Secret key?

You can change a secret key via the main panel: „Accounts – Details – Secret key“. When a new Secret Key is generated, it must be also changed in the settings of your e-shop/portal. Otherwise, TrustPay Gateway will not be functional.

Does TrustPay offer two-factor authentication?

Yes. TrustPay offers a two-factor authentication of your outgoing payments, which brings a higher level of security of your funds. The additional authentication is a unique 8-digit code received via message  directly to your cell phone. This code is required after you filled in the Transfer Order in TrustPay Internet Banking and proceeded to the confirmation of the payment.

Can I use any telephone number for the two-factor authentication?

No. Please, note that this phone number as well as cell phone has to be able to receive text messages.

What should I do if I have not received the SMS code?

In case you have not received the code, you can use the “Resend” button. In case it did not help, please contact our customer support.

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