How can I send money from my TrustPay account?

Via „Payments“ tab in the main panel – “New payment” button to execute a Transfer Order.

I have sent money from my TrustPay account, how long will take until they are credited to the account of the recipient?

It depends on the bank of the recipient and on time, when you executed the Transfer Order. It takes D+1 to process a SEPA payment, 3 – 4 week days to process an international payment. A payment from TrustPay account to TrustPay account is processed immediately.

Can I cancel a Transfer Order that I have already confirmed?

Yes. In your TrustPay Internet Banking under the section Payments – Order history choose the option Cancel using the red button next to the payment you wish to cancel. This is available for payments which have not yet been processed and it is free of charge.

In case you cannot see this option, please contact our customer support. In case the payment was not processed further by TrustPay in the meantime, it is possible to cancel such payment. For canceling such payment, TrustPay will charge you in accordance with General Terms & Conditions.

What if I want to send money from my TrustPay account to a bank account in a different currency?

If the bank account of the beneficiary can receive payments in a different currency, just execute a new Transfer Order via main panel.

What if I want to send money from my TrustPay account to another TrustPay account in a different currency?

In this case, execute a new payment to another TrustPay account via main panel. The informative destination amount is shown in the last step of the payment. The exchange rate is set by TrustPay.

I cannot send money to a TrustPay account in a different currency, why?

If you received response „Amount exceeds the limit for multicurrency transaction“, the amount is higher than the limit set by TrustPay. If you want to transfer a higher amount, contact our customer support and ask for an exchange.

Does TrustPay have a specified cut-off time?

Yes, outgoing same-day SEPA payments are processed on a business days until 11am (time zone Bratislava, Slovakia), non-SEPA payments in EUR, USD and GBP currency until 3pm and payments in others currencies until 1pm. If a bank holiday falls on a business day, the payments will be processed the next business day.

Can I set up a standing order?

Yes, if you are an active authorised person of the account. You can set up a standing order via main panel under  „Payments – New standing order“.  Use the hints for each field, while you are setting up the standing order. You can view the standing orders under „Payments – Standing orders“.

Can I change a standing order?

No. You can cancel the existing standing order and set up a new one.

I have set up standing order, but I do not have enough funds on my account. How should I proceed?

If the account balance is insufficient at the payment date, the system will attempt to execute the payment repeatedly for the period you entered in standing order set up. If the payment is unsuccessful on the last retry, you will receive a notification by a message in your TrustPay Internet Banking.

Can I set up encashment/direct debit?


How can I fund my TrustPay account?

If you have IBAN TrustPay account, payment information for funding can be found in section “Accounts – Details”. Alternatively, contact TrustPay customer support, which will provide the necessary instructions.

Can I save a template of frequently used Transfer Orders?

Yes, you can save the template when creating a new Transfer Order via button “Add to Templates”.

Why was the outgoing payment not processed by TrustPay?

You may have written incomplete or incorrect data necessary to process the payment, when executing the payment order. TrustPay will not process such order. TrustPay customer support will contact you and ask you to execute the order again.

Does TrustPay offer import of outgoing payments from TrustPay accounts?

Yes. This feature is called Mass Orders. It enables a mass upload/import of outgoing payment orders. Currently, this feature is supported for TrustPay accounts in EUR and USD currencies. In case, you are interested in this service, please, contact our customer support or your account manager.

How can I create a Mass order?

In case we already enabled this feature for you, you can create a Mass order in TrustPay Internet Banking by:

  1. clicking in main panel menu on button “Payments”
  2. clicking on button “Mass orders”
  3. browsing and choosing a file to Import

What kind of files are supported for Mass orders?

The uploaded file has to be a SEPA standard XML file (ISO 20022 XML pain.001.003). You can download the Mass Orders Import Manual here. In case you would like to see examples of this file, you can download it here.

How should I create the XML file if my TrustPay account does not have an IBAN number?

In case your TrustPay account is not in IBAN format you should state the sender account in the following field: <DbtrAcct><Id><Othr><Id>2101111111</Id></Othr></Id></DbtrAcct>

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