Card Acquiring

Every e-commerce business needs a stable and experienced partner to accept payments. With more than 8 years of professional experience and development of innovative processes, TrustPay will give you the edge you need!

Why work with us?

1 / Multicurency processing and settlement

With TrustPay, you can accept card payments in over 170 different currencies and in turn receive your settlement in 11 different currencies.

2 / Recurring transactions

Apart from traditional card transactions, we also support recurring billing for those who operate a membership based model. 

3 / Automated reconciliation

Eliminate your manual reconciliation with TrustPay’s superior reporting tools and save costs! Whatever the delivery channel – advanced (API, SFTP) or less technical (e-mail), TrustPay has you covered. Wide range of report formats supported.

4 / Direct acquiring

Lower your costs and reduce the complexity by working directly with an „acquiring bank“. TrustPay is a direct member of both Visa and Mastercard and thus you are cutting out the middlemen.


5 / Fast onboarding

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We pledge to onboard you in as little as 3 business days, utilising modern tools such as video-KYC while keeping the entire process 100% paperless.

 Zero Fraud Guarantee!

We assume 100% of the liability for any fraud related chargebacks. Stop losing money to fraudsters today and concentrate on what matters most – your business.

 Authorisation Ratio Optimiser!

Improve your approval ratio with TrustPay‘s holistic, AI powered analytical report! Detailed monthly analysis of approval ratios for your top countries and BINs with specific tips to improve them. Direct contact with issuers to resolve acceptance issues.

What do our customer say?

“We are using the full suite of TrustPay’s products and they have always been a very trustworthy, cooperative and responsive partner.”

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