- TrustPay releases virtual IBANS – a new solution

For nearly a decade, TrustPay has led the way in the provision of secure e-commerce payments in the EEA area and now, with the release of virtual IBANS, their sophisticated payment portfolio just became even more impressive.


This next evolution for TrustPay means that there will be fewer reconciliation issues with incoming transfers, as well as almost an unlimited number of IBANS that can be created. Merchants can assign IBANS to specific clients, or even particular transactions, making the organization of a large volume of transfers much more efficient. Any inbound payments into virtual IBANs are automatically forwarded to a main account, which means clients of TrustPay only ever have to reconcile payments in a single account.


Virtual bank accounts are extremely popular, due to their increased efficiency and global access; this advancement from TrustPay will reduce administrative costs and make the process of payments, transfers and transactions much more direct for its customers. Virtual accounts have long been available for big multinational companies, but TrustPay is making this innovative solution available to smaller businesses.


As the CEO of TrustPay, David Rintel, commented during the announcement of this new feature of the company, “Virtual IBANS signify an end to the nightmare that is manual reconciliation of incoming payments.”


With the world moving into an increasingly digital age, simplicity and straightforward banking is becoming the norm. TrustPay is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge and delivering reliable and responsible payment tools for its customers. Opening up the use of IBANS will ensure that the company remains competitive and that its customers are given the best service possible.


Founded in 2009, TrustPay is among the first financial institutions within the CEE region to provide secure e-commerce payments across EEA area. The company fully understands the complexity of the eCommerce sphere, enabling them to provide all clients with outstanding cross-border B2B services.

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