TrustPay announces new partnership with MuchBetter

Computer users and programmers have become so accustomed to using Windows…

TrustPay announces new partnership with MuchBetter

Computer users and programmers have become so accustomed to using Windows…

TrustPay announces new partnership with MuchBetter

Computer users and programmers have become so accustomed to using Windows…

Eurosender: Optimizing Financial Reconciliation with TrustPay

author: TrustPay
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Eurosender is a leading digital freight forwarder, connecting shippers with logistics companies globally through a centralized solution. The platform provides access to a network of top transporters at discounted rates, allowing businesses to expand their reach and maintain control over their logistics processes.


Eurosender faced challenges in reconciling numerous incoming bank transfers efficiently. The manual reconciliation process was not only time-consuming but also incurred additional costs. The need for a solution to streamline this aspect of their operations led them to explore a reconciliation tool offered by TrustPay.


TrustPay emerged as a solution to Eurosender’s reconciliation challenges. The tool enables the generation of individual identifiers for each customer, offering a distinct point of reference for every transaction.

This capability proves especially beneficial when dealing with a high volume of incoming bank transfers from various customers.

TrustPay’s reconciliation tool offers a range of key features that contribute to optimizing financial reconciliation processes.

One significant feature involves the assignment of unique reference connections. Through TrustPay, Eurosender assigns a specific reference to each customer, ensuring clarity regarding the origin of incoming payments

Furthermore, TrustPay facilitates reconciliation cost savings. Eurosender benefits from automating and streamlining reconciliation processes, eliminating the need for costly manual interventions.

The tool’s API Integration is another notable feature, providing seamless connectivity to Eurosender’s systems. This integration enables them to manage the flow effortlessly, allowing them to create, delete, temporarily block, or unblock these re-routers of the transactions independently. This level of control ensures a high degree of flexibility in adapting to evolving business needs.

In addition, TrustPay provides real-time notifications to Eurosender. These notifications offer immediate updates on inbound payments, enabling Eurosender to stay well-informed about their financial transactions in real time.

Eurosender’s Head of Finance, Janez Kavcic, expressed, “TrustPay has revolutionized our financial reconciliation processes, offering unparalleled efficiency and control. The real-time notifications and API integration have been game-changers for our operations.”


Implementing the TrustPay reconciliation tool has brought enhancements to Eurosender’s financial reconciliation process, resulting in a range of notable benefits.

Firstly, the introduction has led to improved time efficiency. The automation of reconciliation tasks has substantially reduced the time previously spent on manual processes, enabling Eurosender to allocate resources more effectively across various aspects of their operations.

TrustPay has also provided Eurosender with enhanced control over their processes. The tool’s functionality, especially the ability to manage unique references through API integration, empowers Eurosender to adapt swiftly to changing business needs.

As Janez Kavcic mentioned, “The reconciliation tool provided by TrustPay has significantly improved our ability to track and manage incoming payments, resulting in more streamlined operations.”

Furthermore, the implementation has resulted in improved customer service. Providing clear and concise transaction references allows them to promptly and efficiently address payment-related inquiries, contributing to an overall enhancement of their customer service experience. The combination of these benefits underscores TrustPay’s positive impact on Eurosender’s financial operations and organizational efficiency.

In conclusion, Eurosender’s adoption of TrustPay has proven instrumental in optimizing their financial reconciliation processes. The combination of unique references, API integration, and real-time notifications has elevated their control, efficiency, and overall customer experience in managing incoming payments.