Partner program

The road to success may be long. Unless you take the highway. BECOME A PARTNER



Our ISO/Reseller partner program is designed for those companies or individuals who wish to sell our products with minimal hassle. To become our ISO/Reseller partner you do not need to have your own gateway or risk management capabilities.


You receive:
  • Easy and fast merchant boarding
  • Portfolio of additional products and services
  • Attractive commissions
  • Full risk management and sales support
PSP/MSP Partner Program

Our PSP/MSP (Payment Service Provider/Member Service Provider) Partner Program is aimed for those payment providers who wish to process under their own brand and their own gateway.


You receive:
  • Direct management of your merchants, three-party agreements
  • Easy and fast merchant boarding with SLAs
  • Formulated risk management policies to protect you and your clients
  • White labelled card processing
  • Advanced transaction reconciliation
  • Attractive commissions paid directly to your TrustPay corporate account
PF Partner Program

Our PF partner program enables companies to facilitate payments on behalf of sub-merchants. To become a PF partner you need to be an EU licensed payment institution and a registered agent of TrustPay with VISA and MasterCard.


You receive:
  • Independent boarding of your own customers
  • White labelled card processing
  • Control over merchants’ transactions and funds
  • Bilateral agreements with your merchants
  • Formulated risk management policies to protect you and your clients
  • Dedicated account manager and risk consultant
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