- TrustPay introduces new payment gateway to merchants

TrustPay brings a new version of payment gateway according to up-to-date trends and technologies. The payment gateway provides all merchants with more comfort regarding the implementation, payment overview, and transaction processing while offering their customers better, faster, and more secure payments online.

Customers can pay for goods and services online even more comfortably and securely. Instead of being redirected to a new payment page, the customer stays on the merchant’s website. The payment form shows as a pop-up that’s fast, convenient and less time-consuming with every payment.

A significant advantage of TrustPay’s new payment gateway for merchants is an opportunity to customize and modify the gateway’s design according to their taste, to their website or brand. The design of a payment form is variable and entirely customisable for every merchant. Except for style and colour customisation, merchants may upload their logo on the payment form instead of the TrustPay logo.

Besides the new redesign, payment notifications are now more detailed and precise, providing more information and specifics about each payment.

A new payment gateway with original API documentation will be available from September 2, 2019, for all existing and new clients of TrustPay without additional fees.

Richard Tési, Deputy CEO, commented: ” Our constant goal is to provide clients with innovative products that improve the user experience, optimize and streamline merchant processes, and last but not least, increase online payment security. Our new payment gateway is an excellent example of meeting these goals.”

In case of any questions regarding the new payment gateway, please, do not hesitate to contact us at info@trustpay.eu

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